About powersite

Powersite is the first product to truly address the need for fast, flexible, distributed generation. The powersite plant is rated at 150-185mw. it competes with larger conventional plants in efficiency, at a lower cost and higher quality.  


Powersite is the fastest combined cycle power plant available. It can achieve full simple cycle output in under 5 minutes and full combined cycle operation in 30 minutes. No lockout period is required between starts, and the plant can be stopped and started multiple times daily. 


Fast start times, frequent starts without maintenance penalties, high efficiency over broad output ranges, and low operating costs make Powersite the most flexible option on the market.

Environmentally Benign

The Powersite plant’s combination of  low air emissions, sound levels and water consumption sets new standards. The plant’s beautiful and functional architecture, materials and small footprint allow it to integrate into any environment. 

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